Re-Live Ignite FinCon14 Live From New Orleans

Thanks so much to all of our great speakers, PT, and our wonderful sponsor Generation Mortgage for making FinCon14 a great success! And a big thanks to Steve Stewart from MoneyPlanSOS for acting as our videographer and video editor in chief for two years in a row.

Ignite FinCon14 Was a Success

Thanks to everyone who came and joined us at Ignite FinCon14! It was a ton of fun and a great success. Another thanks to Generation Mortgage for hosting. Thanks to PT for making Ignite a great part of the conference. Thanks to the speakers for doing such an amazing job. And thanks to all of your for joining us and making a memorable opening night to FinCon!

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Images thanks to Kyle Hale.

Ignite FinCon 2014 Speakers!

Friends, I am very excited to share with you the list of Ignite FinCon 14 Speakers! We will see you on Thursday at FinCon for this amazing opening night kick off!

Name Spark Title Twitter Name Website Website URL
Valerie Rind How to Become a Lawyer in 5 Minutes @ValerieRind Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads
Leisa Peterson The Art of Mindful Wealth @leislooski Leisa Peterson/Huffington Post
Free To Pursue How To Survive An African Safari @freepursue Free To Pursue
Mark and Lauren Greutman Have fun Budgeting. No, this isn’t a joke @markandlaureng The New American Dream
Alan Steinborn Blogging To The Farmville Generation – Why Gamifying Articles Is The Wave of The Future. @RealMoneyLife Real Money Daily http://
Elisabeth Kelly Unschooling: Why it’s the Answer Even if it isn’t the Question @mlifeordebt A Matter of Life or Debt
Rob Bennett How to Predict Stock Returns for Fun and Profit @Rob_Bennett_ A Rich Life
Alan Moore How To Get PAID For The Advice You Give: From Blogger To Financial Planner @XYPlanning XY Planning Network
Rebecca Stapler 5 Minutes Can Save You $500 @StaplerConfesh Stapler Confessions
Jason Vitug How to Leave Your Job Without a Plan @phroogal Phroogal
Eric Rosenberg Not Quite on the A-List… Yet @DenverEric Narrow Bridge Finance

Ignite FinCon 2014 Lineup Is Set!

Hi Everyone, thanks to all of the great speakers who have submitted topics for Ignite FinCon 2014 in New Orleans! I am thrilled with the lineup which includes many newcomers and a couple of familiar faces. We are very excited to work with a new sponsor this year who is bringing you all the fun on opening night.

See you in New Orleans!


An Attendee’s Perspective On Ignite FinCon

The following post is from Khaleef Crumbley of Fat Guy Skinny Wallet and Faithful With A Few. Khaleef was the winner of the ‘Best Religious Personal Finance Blog’ for Faithful With A Few at last year’s 4th Annual Plutus Awards! (On a personal note I would like to thank Khaleef and his wife Sherrian for being so encouraging and supportive of me as a new blogger. The bloggers of FinCon are the best!) Although Khaleef has not participated in Ignite, he has attended all of the Ignite FinCon events! Here is his perspective on why you should come and hear from your fellow attendees at Ignite!

As someone who attended every FinCon and every Ignite FinCon event (all 2 of them), I was asked to talk about the event from the perspective of an audience member. Let me first start off by saying that I had never even heard of “Ignite” until Eric started talking about adding it as a part of FinCon.

Khaleef and his beautiful wife Sherrian enjoying St. Louis last year at FinCon!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what Ignite is, but let me just give you my take on it: Ignite is an event where various presenters talk about a topic they are either passionate or knowledgeable about (usually both), but each speaker gets 5 minutes and has to use 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds.

The first thing that comes to mind about these events is the energy. Because of the format of the presentation, the speaker is usually filled with energy and passion. This quickly spreads to the audience, and by the end, the atmosphere in the room is charged!

Another thing that I enjoyed about the presentations is the focus. The presenters don’t have time for fluff or extraneous words/slides in their talk. They get 5 minutes to persuade you of their position or at least get you interested in learning more.

I heard some presentations that confirmed that I wasn’t the only one thinking a certain way, while a few actually caused me to reconsider my position on an issue. Because of the format of the presentation and the energy surrounding the event, most of the presentations involved a fair amount of humor and kept everyone interested.

To be honest, I had very low expectations going into the first Ignite FinCon because the format seemed limited and I never heard of anyone doing this before. I only went to support several of the speakers who were nervous and wanted me to be there to lend them support. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the presentations and by how excited, positive, and supportive everyone was. One of the presenters (I won’t mention his name here ;-)) froze during his talk, but everyone cheered him on and encouraged him to push through it – no one laughed!

Many of the speakers said that Ignite was a great way for them to shake the nerves associated with public speaking and they felt encouraged to pursue more speaking opportunities in the future. I would suggest that anyone who is on the fence about speaking submit a topic for consideration and voting. Not one of the speakers I talked to regretted their experience.

If you definitely aren’t speaking this year, then I would suggest attending. As I said above, it can be a great chance for you to learn something about a topic or even a presenter that you didn’t already know. Above anything else, it will definitely be an exciting event that you won’t easily forget.


A Participant’s Story – Dr. Jason Cabler

Dr. Jason Cabler was another one of the FinCon Ignite ’13 speakers. I’m so glad that he agree to share his Ignite story here with us all. (I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that he was just as nervous as I was when I spoke!) Speaking in front of a group is really hard but Dr. Cabler got through it with the support and encouragement of the great audience – here is his story in his own words:

I decided to participate in FinCon Ignite last year because I wanted to get more experience with public speaking.  Being an introvert by nature, public speaking has never been easy for me.  It’s one of those things I know I can do well if I try, but convincing myself to just get up there and do it is the hardest part for me.


In fact, it was difficult for me to even sign up to do it, because I knew that once I made that commitment, there was no going back, and that was a scary thought.

A Closed Throat and Sweaty Pits

Normally I have no problem speaking to people one on one in my dental practice, or even in a small group setting.  But being the center of attention at the front of a room full of people is a whole different ballgame.  That’s when the throat starts closing up and the sweaty pits go into overdrive!

My first short experience with public speaking had been a total disaster.  My wife and I were asked to greet visitors from the pulpit at our Sunday church service.  I was so nervous that I forgot our pastor’s name!  You can read more about that epic screw up here.

FinCon Ignite Was Totally Different

But since then I had gotten a little better and gained some experience by teaching my Celebrating Financial Freedom get out of debt course to members of our church.  

However, FinCon Ignite was going to be totally different, and I knew it.  I knew I’d be speaking to hundreds of people who were my peers in the blogging world, and that would be a lot harder than being a teacher to the home folks at my church.

Doing an Ignite presentation was an interesting experience because you have to time your speech with your slides, which auto advance every 15 seconds.  If you’re not careful, it can get away from you very quickly!

So I practiced relentlessly to get my timing down and be very precise with my wording so I wouldn’t get lost in the presentation. Every time I practiced, there would always be one or two places where I would get stuck.  That worried me a little, but I had practiced enough that I knew I could just pick things up at the next slide and go on.

Sweating Bullets and a Nervous Twitch

So the night of the presentations came, and the closer it got, the more nervous I became.  You could have started a war with all the bullets I was sweating.  If you could harness the energy in my left foot that was nervously bouncing up and down as I waited, you could have powered a small city for a day or two!

But the people at FinCon are so cool!  I ended up seated next to Maria Nedeva, whom I’d never met before, and she was nice enough to help keep me calm while waiting my turn to speak.

I Froze!

When my time came, I was ready for action.  I got a great start and was getting into a good rhythm, but then, on the 5th slide, I locked up!

The text on the slide didn’t match well with what I had planned on saying, so my brain just froze!

But I was confident, because I knew I had practiced enough that I could just pick it up on the next slide and still be ok.  All the FinCon attendees were so gracious and cheered me on as my brain took a 15 second vacation!

I think that’s one of the best things there is about FinCon.  You’re in a supportive atmosphere where people are willing to help, and want you to succeed. 

It Was An A+ Experience 

As the night came to a close, many of the attendees told me what a great job I did and commented on how inspiring my presentation was.  Even the next day, several people approached me and complimented me on the presentation!

Overall, FinCon Ignite was an A+ experience for me.  It helped me gain more public speaking experience, and boosted my confidence for future speaking opportunities.  I would encourage all FinCon attendees to participate in Ignite this year, because I believe it’s an experience that’s well worth the effort!

Dr. Jason Cabler is a Christian personal finance blogger, author, and speaker.  He teaches how to get out of debt and live a debt free lifestyle through his Celebrating Financial Freedom blog.

A Participant’s Story – Kyle Prevost

I first met Kyle at FinCon ’13. Well, I actually ‘met’ him before FinCon because we were both giving an Ignite speech so I got to know him just a little bit before the conference as we all exchanged emails. Kyle is a great guy and I really enjoyed getting to know him and Justin of My University Money. After FinCon Kyle asked me to be a guest on their podcast. This is just one example of how experienced bloggers are willing to invest in those of us who are new to it all and one of a hundred reasons that every personal finance blogger should plan to attend FinCon!

Kyle recently agreed to answer my questions about his Ignite experience. I asked Kyle to send over some pictures of himself at FinCon and he didn’t have any. I’m not kidding. He did not take the first picture at the conference! Thankfully I had a couple of him so I included them…

Ignite FinCon

Try to imagine that Kyle is in this picture…

Eva:  Why did you decide to participate in FinCon Ignite? Was this your first Ignite speech?

Kyle:  I wanted to do something that would show people that I had some value to offer since I was soaking in so much great information. I guess I also wanted to challenge myself and prove I belonged in the same room as all the other accomplished individuals.

Eva:  How did you choose your topic?

Kyle:  As a teacher, financial education or lack thereof is always an issue on the top of my mind. I wanted to pick something I had a high amount of expertise in that might be something different from everyone else. Finally, I figured it would be an easy sell considering I was basically “preaching to the choir”.

Ignite FinCon

Kyle is in front in the black shirt. Those of us who write for a younger audience had a great lunch on Friday before the Ignite event that night.

Eva:  Did you feel sick to your stomach before you spoke? ;-) Tell the truth!!!

Kyle:  Honestly, I didn’t feel sick. A few butterflies, but I sort of speak in front of people day in and day out so I think that helps.

Eva:  Why should FinCon Attendees participate in FinCon Ignite? If not participating, why should they come and be a part of the crowd?

Kyle:  Ignite is a great adrenaline rush. If you have grand aspirations of having your own session at FinCon one day I think Ignite would be a perfect warm up experience for that. It’s also just a unique challenge if you want to broaden your public speaking horizons.

If not presenting, I think it’s a great opportunity to quickly learn about another person’s area of expertise. I learned an incredible amount of information from some really charismatic people at Ignite’13.

Eva:  What is your favorite memory of FinCon’13?

Kyle:  Meeting so many people is my favorite overall memory. If you forced me to pick a specific time I’d have to say getting to sit next to Pat Flynn at dinner one evening. He was just such a positive and humble person.

Here is Kyle’s Ignite speech:



Ignite FinCon 14 Location Revealed!

I am proud to share that this year’s excellent Ignite FinCon will take place at New Orleans’ very own The Attic at Lucy’s just a short walk from the main FinCon hotel!

Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant
Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant
701 Tchoupitoulas St
New Orleans, La 70130